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    No Quake III ports using Warp3D Nova or wrappers available yet .
    Port using GLES4 wrapper awaiting a Warp3D Nova/OpenGLES 2.0 library bug fix release .

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    Bug fixes done and stuff tested works with Radeon SI and Polaris .
    There are 2 wrappers in the works. Gl4ES and EGLWrap .
    Demos that I have access to for both work (Radeon SI and Polaris) but nothing heavy like Quake III to benchmark yet .

    Forgot a 3rd Wrapper , Minigl Reloaded which is a implementation of Minigl via Warp3D Nova.


    redrumloa wrote:

    Doffo wrote:
    Still, who is gonna step up and run some quake III benchmarks on their x5000? Don't even have to play the game, run some commands and watch those FPS go. :D

    Sounds fair enough. OS4 has 3D support finally with Warp3D Nova, right?

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