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    I think the majority of X5000 users are happy with the machine myself included. The next generation Amiga scene in general is a work in progress no matter which operating system you decide to run and so long as you are aware and happy with this realisation and accept that due to the low installed user base progress is not as quick as we would all like, then I think personally you will get a lot out of it espcially in comparison to a owning classic Amiga setup.

    I won’t lie but I am getting more mileage out of MorphOS than I am AmigaOS 4 at present and Linux hasn’t had much of a look in at all over the past two months. Reasons behind this I would probably say are down to an updated browser and good playback with Mplayer In MorphOS compared to their AmigaOS 4 and Linux equivalents.

    However AmigaOS 4 still gets quite a lot of use especially for things like Snes9x and Atari++ which run better than their MorphOS counterparts. I much prefer the ease of Tunenet in OS4 over Aminet Radio .

    Some things run better in one and some things run better in the other, but the advantage of the X5000 is that it is one of the few machines out there and available to buy that can run both AmigaOS 4 MorphOS and various Linux distributions all in one box.

    Lots of people like to moan about it’s price and of course for some depending on where you live in the World and your purchasing power it probably is, but if people are deciding to sell their systems on EBay for less than retail price then perhaps one should look at it as a opportunity to snap up a pretty unique system at a knockdown price rather than assume that because someone is selling the system isn’t much cop. 😉
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