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    redrumloa wrote:

    Spectre660 wrote:
    Seller says he does not have enough time in the day to enjoy .
    I appreciate his situation .
    I escape this by using my X5000 at work.

    Now were did that previous post by TMG go ?

    No twisting, just observing. Why buy something only to almost immediately dump it at fire sale prices if all was rosy?

    Heck, anytime a Pegasos II goes up for sale it easily gets well above original MSRP. If a full Pegasos II system was listed on eBay right now it would probably get the same price as this X5000.

    New X5000/20 boards are available and X5000/40 boards are due so the only reason to pay top price would be if this one saves on shipping due to the location . If not then he would need to lower the price to make it attractive .
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