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    Best 3D support that you can get on an X5000 currently is maximum 2 out of the three supported OS'es. For AmigaOS 4.1 and Linux you need 2 video cards .
    And no current AmigaOS 4.1 and Morphos 3D option.


    vox wrote:

    outrun1978 wrote:
    The Radeon 7750 is in an anti static bag in safe keeping until you guys are able to support it. Installed a Radeon X1550 on it last night and will try out a Radeon x600 and Radeon HD4890 today. My idea is to have some sort of happy medium across all 3 platforms, AmigaOS,Linux and MorphOS. I realise that it won’t do everything you want to yet but you have to sacrifice something.

    Situation with gfx on all 3 sides makes it currently hardly possible. Maybe x600 and x1xxx might do the magic.

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