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    looking good. :-)

    For anyone else curious about MorphOS on the X5000, I've swapped across to a Radeon 1650 card with 512MB which is giving me better 3D performance than the X1550 although sadly it had some issues with DVI output so this is being displayed with VGA output. Again the card only cost me £8.00 on Ebay so if anyone reading this is curious to try this out on their X5000's, I would consider giving it a go.

    I do have a question in regards to the ACE (Amstrad) emulator if anyone with an X5000 has managed to try it out. It loads with no issue on my Mac Mini G4 but for some reason this will not run on the X5000. Is there a likely cause for this or does the program only support a G4 processor?
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