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    Hi Andreas

    Thanks for the heads up and link about this, Although am not really a fan of reading pages of tirades against members. it is the single most offputting aspect about the Amiga forums in general.

    Just for clarity about my set up on my X5000. MorphOS sits on one drive and AmigaOS sits on another. I have one 30GB partition on that OS4 drive which is SFS and just use it to transfer files so far it has not been an issue but am aware of the potential risks. All other partitions on that OS4 drive are NGFS. One potential issue for any OS4 users using NGFS is the long file names which then have to be re-saved under a shorter file name in SFS for it to save to the SFS drive.

    The System partition on my MorphOS is viewable in Amiga OS 4 however I have taken the option to hide this to prevent any accidental issues.

    Will also test out the Xbox one joypad I have later too 😊
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