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    More on the graphics cards i was going to try out today

    Sadly the R600 that turned up off Ebay didn't work and i didnt realise that the Radeon HD 4890 was so huge it couldn't fit inside the X5000 properly without it knocking over the sata connections to the motherboard, so looks like I will be sticking with the Radeon 1550 card for the time being.

    Spent a good part of today setting things up and installing/transferring things over in MorphOS and have to say really impressed with the speed of MorphOS on the X5000. Its very stable with hardly any instances of having to reset the machine. Odyssey is lightning quick, a SFS partition can be shared on the same drive between my OS4 setup and MorphOS to bounce between the two which is nice.

    Have found Joystick support a little odd on MorphOS in comparison to AmigaOS. Was expecting my Logitech F-310 which was working on the Mac Mini G4 I was testring out, but the X5000 doesn't seem to want to play ball. Fortunately I have a few other USB joysticks in the 8BitDo and the Xeox Pro Analog which work. See there is support for X360 joypads too :-)
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