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    The Radeon 7750 is in an anti static bag in safe keeping until you guys are able to support it. Installed a Radeon X1550 on it last night and will try out a Radeon x600 and Radeon HD4890 today. My idea is to have some sort of happy medium across all 3 platforms, AmigaOS,Linux and MorphOS. I realise that it won’t do everything you want to yet but you have to sacrifice something.

    The 7750 doesn’t yet support hardware acceleration in linux so am seeing how the older cards fare.

    The taster I had on a Mac Mini G4 this past week more or less convinced me to do this.

    Really like Iris it’s streets ahead of Simplemail and Yam. Folio is an interesting word processor. Blown away by the playback of a Mplayer on the X5000. Odyssey runs really quick and is more updated. MorphOS isn’t perfect I would like to see RuninUAE at some point. There is however a lot to like here and you guys should really be marketing this thing a heck of a lot better.

    Sadly marketing of the Amiga in its various guises is perhaps its biggest downfall and the biggest barrier to any growth...
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