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    Jim wrote:
    Thanks David, but the cost and avaibility here (even in Europe) is much better than in South Africa.
    And it's been educational so far.
    Also, Frank usually buys better cards for himself, and I spend some time socializing with Mark because he's a good guy.

    So it's kind of casual. Didn't want to make it sound like burden.

    I would like to organize to buy Mark some X64 components.
    Specifically a Ryzen Gen2 cpu, some DDR4 and a decent motherboard.

    You're all harping about the X64 shift, and Mark also said that faster X64 hardware would cut his compile times, making working with Oddesey and other packages easier.

    After all, Bigfoot has contributed more than just graphics drivers.

    I don't doubt that you have enjoyed helping the MorphOS Dev. Team by sending video cards and such to Mark and others, and getting to socialize a bit with them, but you could continue to do all of that, while just letting a few of us share in the cost, by sending you either more video cards that the team needs, or some money to pay for future gear purchases, and shipping costs.

    Although I would never consider monthly, or even yearly, fixed contributions to Hyperion for development of AmigaOS4, I'm not opposed to sending the MorphOS Dev. Team a monthly, or yearly donation to help fund further development of MorphOS and the Odyssey web browser.
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