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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > splitting hairs

    My interest to learn about TeraScale2-based R7 cards is genuine.

    Funny. ;-)

    By now you ought to be used to AMD/ATI throwing about names and relabeling older hardware with newer nomenclature. R5/R7...ah, whatever. No, there are no Terascale R7s. But there are Terascale R5s, while at the same time, there are GCN gpus that span R5 and R7 designations.

    Its all so much BS.

    Which is why I keep a copy of the AMD gpu family info from Wikipedia bookmarked.

    That way when someone says "Caicos", I know they mean something that spans from HD64XX to R5.

    And on that note, AMD felt comfortable enough with that gpu to let it span four revisions of its lineup, only replacing it at R5 3XX.

    And THAT is why, when Mark said (quite awhile ago),"...about the only thing I need right now is Oland", I should have gotten on that quicker.

    It HAS been in his sights, so...again..my bad.
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