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    > I haven't purchased an X5000 because I can't justify it without
    > enhanced support from MorphOS, myself.

    What are you missing from MorphOS support for the X5000?

    >>>> The last cards with TeraScale2 GPUs are R5 210...235 from 2013/2014

    >>> I can still find plenty of those here, 6450's, 8490's, R5's, R7's

    >> TeraScale2-based R7? Is there any?

    > yes, some R series cards are Terascale

    I take this as a 'no' to my question whether there are any TeraScale2-based R7 cards. About TeraScale2-based R5 cards I wrote myself numerous times to you. You even quoted it in your comments #794 and #795.
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