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    Jim wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > there are limited number of SAM460 and X5000 users that can benefit
    > from R600 (and up) PCIe right now. Mostly OS4 users.

    It's certainly a dubious benefit for them if they have to go back to 2D-only support under OS4.

    > The only real value in having GCN support is those are the cards that
    > are usually supplied with X5000 systems and the low end cards have now
    > transitioned to these gpus.

    Availability can be a factor as well. The last cards with TeraScale2 GPUs are R5 210...235 from 2013/2014, while last cards with GCN1 GPUs are R5/R7 430...450 from 2016.

    I can still find plenty of those here, 6450's, 8490's, R5's, R7's, BUT I don't really want to use them.
    From a practical standpoint an HD7650 would do much better (or an HD6670 or HD6750).


    Spectre660 wrote:
    Wonder how many X5000 MorphOS full time or part time users exist ?
    Poll time ?

    Outside of Wiktor Glowacki (Pampers) and Acil, I only know of two other MorphOS users that have them (and one of those is Bigfoot).

    I initially intended to buy one, but since I have three other MorphOS systems I can afford to wait to see if the X5000/40 makes it to market.

    If not, I'll try to snag one through Aaron before the X5000/20 disappears.

    And a new driver interfaces? Mark and I discussed an improved OpenGL implementation or something like the Vulkan API, but he thinks he'd needs the help of someone like MichaƂ Wozniak's for something that demanding.
    And he didn't seem too impressed with OpenGL ES, but there are a few alternatives.

    In any case, at some point a better way to address the Radeon cards is needed. We don't have support for multiple displays or the simultaneous use of more than one Radeon card.

    GCN might be a good point to draw a line.

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