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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > there are limited number of SAM460 and X5000 users that can benefit
    > from R600 (and up) PCIe right now. Mostly OS4 users.

    It's certainly a dubious benefit for them if they have to go back to 2D-only support under OS4.

    > The only real value in having GCN support is those are the cards that
    > are usually supplied with X5000 systems and the low end cards have now
    > transitioned to these gpus.

    Availability can be a factor as well. The last cards with TeraScale2 GPUs are R5 210...235 from 2013/2014, while last cards with GCN1 GPUs are R5/R7 430...450 from 2016.

    I can still find plenty of those here, 6450's, 8490's, R5's, R7's, BUT I don't really want to use them.
    From a practical standpoint an HD7650 would do much better (or an HD6670 or HD6750).
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