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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Mark [...] still managed to [...] add support for all video cards/gpus
    > up to those that are GCN based.

    Not quite. TeraScale3 (Cayman, Antilles), the last pre-GCN architecture, is apparently not supported. I wonder if he will add support for it (as you insinuated half a year ago), or skip it and go directly from currently supported TeraScale2 to GCN1.

    No, I don't expect the 69XX cards to be supported.
    I've used one and it was a big disappointment when compared to the 78XX, only a little better than the 6870 it replaced, and larger (rather massive actually, like an HD5850), with a higher power draw.

    I sold mine, I suppose I should have sent it to Mark, but I didn't.

    Those two gpus were short term solutions for high end cards until GCN gpus were ready.
    Terascale3 support? If Mark wants it, who knows, but the T3 based cards aren't good solutions for us.

    I can't remember, but Mark might have mentioned having one or having access to one.

    I moved from the HD6870, to the HD7850 for the next higher end card (I also sent Mark an R7 260X GCN Gen2 card, but that doesn't perform as nearly well as the 78xxs).

    Sorry I never posted anything about it.

    Mark's primary focus has been practicality, price and what is appropriate for the OS.
    You've seen his current PCIe recommendation, the HD6450 (or its latter, relabeled variants).

    And the focus on the R600 and R700 cards might have been the possibility of including the AGP models in the support list for our older systems. The R800 was apparently fairly a fairly easy move.

    I'm not sure how ANYTHING above that works under MorphOS, because I haven't tried it. For my X64 use, the HD5850 worked well (Windows no longer properly supports the R700), the HD6870 worked better, and the HD7850 was a mixed bag (depending on what version of DirectX the software you were running required, earlier software works BETTER on an HD6870).

    BTW - I haven't sent the R5 240 I have for him yet either. I want to see if I can wrangle an RX560 to ship with the next package (along with the X5000 cpu cooler Aaron helped provide to cool Mark's pre-production system as it has a weaker cooler than the production boards).

    In any case, the first GCN cards you are likely to see support for aren't nearly as powerful as the HD7850, probably something like the HD7750 or the R5/7 240.

    So no, I don't want him to focus on those last two Terascale revisions, but then that is his choice, so ask him.
    Mark and I send a small packets of email at each other with months spaced in between.
    Part of why I try to avoid broad statements about what he's going to release is he always surprises me.
    And it not my place to announce anything. To clarify, anything I say is purely speculative.

    Although once 3.10 was released, Mark did tell me he thought he would be able to release HD3850 AGP support soon, before he posted it here. Then again, he didn't promise it to any of us.

    Hey, at this point GCN cards themselves are just a goal. Might not happen, the World could end tomorrow (or maybe the day our President meets the leader of North Korea - after all, they're are both seriously crazy).
    And if what I learned about probability is correct, you can't prove that anything will happen, you can just estimate a degree of certainty.

    Look, there are limited number of SAM460 and X5000 users that can benefit from R600 (and up) PCIe right now.
    Mostly OS4 users.
    I'd value the R600 AGP support more, for the majority of US.

    The only real value in having GCN support is those are the cards that are usually supplied with X5000 systems and the low end cards have now transitioned to these gpus.

    And really...high end cards don't scale well with our limited cpu power.

    Oh, and as a useless closing point, you know I actually miss memory mapped video RAM. All the requirements of driving these accelerated gpus still baffle me. ;-)

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