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    bennymee wrote:

    Spectre660 wrote:
    Nice Video.

    Perhaps time to see if A-Eon and some of the X5000 dealers are interested in providing some tangible support for fast tracking MorphOS Radeon SI support .

    A win win situation? OS4 has these drivers, Hans is hired by A-eon and the latter is interested in supporting Mos.

    Not really. Hans is paid to develop graphics drivers under contract to Aeon for OS4, Aeon's preferred operating system.
    Frank and Mark aren't paid to develop our graphics drivers under MorphOS.

    And our OpenGL implementations are pretty different.

    I don't know that our developers would want to enlist the help of a paid OS4 coder, and I'm not sure that they need that help.

    What you probably aren't aware of is that Mark hasn't been working solely on graphics drivers, and yet he's still managed to update all the drivers that didn't have 2D acceleration and add support for all video cards/gpus up to those that are GCN based.

    Don't sweat this, BOTH OS' have talented programmers working on this stuff.
    Mark could use some more video cards, but he's still updating everything and moving forward.

    If you think we can get some support with video card donations, I think I can put a list together of the cards needed.

    BTW, we will eventually have 3D drivers for cards the OS4 community doesn't.

    Plus, those new cards you are worrying about?
    I'm sure Mark will get to them.

    Mark's just giving us full support, an evolution from our current cards right up to those cards.

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