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    AyoS wrote:
    Any Performance #'s or examples of the X5000 with Morphos compared to the G5 Macs?

    It's pretty much apples vs oranges competition when it comes to available gfx cards for instance. But when it comes to raw CPU power we have f.ex. RC5/OGR benchmarks:

    PowerMac G5 2,7 GHz 42,445,595 nodes/sec (using its fastest crunching "core" - KOGE 3.1 Hybrid)
    PowerMac G5 2,7 GHz 22,812,159 nodes/sec (using crunching "core" - Scalar)
    AmigaOne X5000/040 2,2 GHz 22,245,376 nodes/sec (using its fastest crunchng "core" - Scalar)
    AmigaOne X5000/020 2,0 GHz 20,136,464 nodes/sec (using its fastest crunching "core" - Scalar)

    PowerMac G5 2,7 GHz 19,692,869 keys/sec (using its fastest "core" - KKS 7450)
    AmigaOne X5000/040 2,2 GHz 6,182,771 keys/sec (using its fastest "core" - KKS 604e)
    PowerMac G5 2,7 GHz 5,837,713 keys/sec (using "core" KKS 604e)
    AmigaOne X5000/020 2,0 GHz 5,590,276 keys/sec (using its fastest "core" - KKS 604e)

    I'm personally counting on comparative benchmarks made on the same computer.
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