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    >> the x16 slot only has [...] connected [...] 4 lanes. But the data sheet [...] speaks
    >> about many controllers but *not available simultaneously* (depends on HW
    >> configuration perhaps?), so with the known other features of the Tabor, does
    >> x4 lanes for graphics sound reasonable?

    > Yes, it sounds reasonable to me that one of the three PCIe controllers uses
    > four of the six SerDes lanes.

    I don't know what I was thinking two years ago when I answered that question, but of course it doesn't sound reasonable at all to use 4 out of 6 available SerDes lanes for PCIe, and also use 2x SATA and GbE from the P1022 which requires 3 more SerDes lanes, adding up to 7 required SerDes lanes in total.

    More details:

    Edit: mystery solved

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