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    Can we get back on topic?

    Has any news at all on the status of MorphOS been posted on the machine? For now I have my G5 and X5000 on a KVM but would love to just have the one system up.

    Why don't you talk to one of the developers? Maybe they could use another beta tester.

    I'd love to get in on that, but I don't think the 250X card in my machine will be supported. That and I've never got a reply back from any when in IRC or here in the past. I never thought to ask as a result.

    Well, I did offer to loan you a Radeon HD 6750, but I don't know what state the drivers for the 6000 series are in.
    The R600 and R700 drivers should be close enough to release for a functioning beta, but that would mean a switch to something like a 4650 (or 70), or a 4850/70/90 card.

    I've shipped the R700 cards I had on hand to Mark, but I'd be willing to source something for a demo.

    And a 4870 or 4890 would probably still do well under OS4.1.

    Further, we might be lucky, and find that Mark has a serviceable 5000 or higher driver.
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