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    Jim wrote:

    tlosmx wrote:
    i sold this for have the money for buy my x5000 ... and this made more sed

    Amiga 4000 PPC

    Now I know why you're pissed.
    That was a mistake.

    Yes, that was a very nice (maybe the nicest A4000 ever), and probably ran AmigaOS4 fast enough to give a fairly satisfactory experience. Actually, probably a great experience for anything except web browsing some intensive websites.

    I wonder how the 604e at 366MHz compares to the Efika's @400MHz? I think I remember someone referring to the Efika's CPU as a G2, or G3 class PPC CPU, so I imagine that the Efika would be faster, even if the clock rates were identical.

    What I don't understand is why tlosmx would sell his fantastic A4000 w/366MHz 604e & 66MHz 060 accelerator, after he already had purchased an X5000-5020, and the X5000 5040 was only going to be marginally faster. Maybe he thought the 5040 would be close to twice as fast at running Linux PPC, which is his primary OS? Maybe he sold the ultimate A4000 to purchase both the 5020 and 5040 X5000's?

    Didn't the RAM speed problems show up on the 5020, or is it only the 5040 that he is complaining about which has the RAM speed problems?

    I hope he can recover enough of his investment by selling both X5000 systems, to begin building another ultimate A4000, or save up more money and buy a Talos II, for the ultimate PPC Linux experience.
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