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    amigadave wrote:
    Hey Paul,

    do you remember this quote by you earlier in this very thread?


    Acill wrote:
    We will sure as hell beat them in price for a G5 system over what a X5000 will run! I cant see any reason to spend that kind of money when you can get a fantastic Mac system. If they want to sell those things in significant numbers the price needs to come way down. It cant be even slightly near the X1000 prices!

    yet again they did sell out of those, but know knows.

    I specially like the last sentence of your quote, which I have moved to just below this sentence of my own.


    Acill wrote: The "Amiga" market is nuts.

    I guess you changed your mind about the X5000 since that earlier post. ;-)

    Not at all. I didnt pay for my X5000 in the traditional way. I ended up getting rid of a couple classic machines that I upgraded and repaired in trade for the funds to get one. An A4000 with an 040 and several upgrades and an A3000 with the same.
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