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    rob wrote:
    Sam460 is PCIe v1.1 and the X1000 is PCIe V1.x (unsure which rev) and both work with 7000 and RX series cards. A Sam440 with a PCIe-PCI bridge card tops out with the 6000 series but it's suggested that the limitation is in Uboot rather than the bridge.

    Thanks Rob,
    We've been tossing this around, and it seems likely that AMD's tech support staff is just throwing around qualifiers out of over caution.

    I haven't been able to find any logical reason that even v3 (or v4) PCI-E cards shouldn't work in a v1 slot.
    The SAM440 isn't supported by MorphOS (only OS4), and PCI-E to PCI bridge components (at least for video cards) aren't supported yet (unless one considers to PCI-E to AGP bridge chip used in some of the cards we support, and that's not the same thing AFAIK).
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