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    Jim wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    I wonder if Bigfoot is using an X5000 to write the new RadeonHD drivers, or only using the X5000 to test the driver once it is done?

    I never thought to ask. He has a SAM 460 as well as the X5000.
    The only thing he did mention was that some of the longer cards were a challenge to fit in the X5000's case.

    Unless you really want the Boing Ball engraved case, I would suggest that you only buy the motherboard for the X5000, not a complete system, to save money, and to get yourself a case that can accept all lengths of video cards. Getting a complete system that has the OS already loaded and tested on the hard drive or SSD is appealing, but you are more than capable of assembling and setting up an X5000 system for yourself, and can get exactly what you want, instead of getting what the retail seller wants to put together for you.
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