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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    The decisions for the particular boot loaders had nothing to do with "lessons learned". P.A. Semi used CFE for their Electra/Chitra boards, and Freescale used U-Boot for their P5020DS board. So they made the choice and A-Eon/Varisys simply followed it to minimize cost.
    Also, the P5020 simply wasn't available before 2012 (the year of the X1000 release), so A-Eon/Varisys couldn't use it as base for the X1000 in 2009 (when the QorIQ P5 series wasn't even announced).

    I understand it was EASIEST choice and with so many CFE bugs I experience, I am willing to say
    UNFINISHED even after few revisions ...

    I understand UBoot port would add cost to already expensive machine,
    but is far better choice then having expensive machine with worse BIOS ever,
    that is not even really ment to boot (read boot sectors) but you generally
    have to point to everything and editing is quite a horror as well as switches
    for everything, CFE cannot autodetect even a file system.
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