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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    SATA driver is "complicated" (Steven Sollie), so he asks for patience.
    Then you buy new x5000 to discover OS driver is in alpha state,
    and Linux DVD wasnt supplied. Huh, Amiga ways. And MorphOS is not yet out >:-)

    >> P.A. Semi [...] and Freescale [...] made the choice and A-Eon/Varisys simply followed
    >> it to minimize cost.

    > minimal costs arent wisest choice.

    Commissioning an U-Boot port to the Nemo board would have made the X1000 even more expensive.

    But would be far more reasonable and usable solution.
    And I could bear few euros more :-)

    > Uboot [...] has some x86 BIOS limitation.

    Which limitation is that?

    Emulation for VGa cards BIOS that bypassed initalization and reset problems.

    > CFE [...] [is] made for initializing Broadcomm routers or similar

    Yes, CFE is used in Broadcom-based routers from Apple, Asus, Buffalo, Linksys and Netgear, as well as in Broadcom-based Smart TVs and Blu-ray players from LG and Samsung.

    So its never ment for booting and VGA initialization, and they
    sell me desktop without such important info >:-)

    > If they could source PA Semi, they could some decent G4 or G5 too.

    I doubt Trevor's support for the MorphOS port to the X5000 has been bigger than what he would have done to support a MorphOS port to the X1000. It was the MorphOS team who declined to port to the X1000, for several reasons, including Ben Hermans' involvement in the original A-Eon company.

    Ok, since x5000/020 isnt improvement big enough to justify sell/buy operations,
    one day they might have mercy on surviving Nemos >:-)
    x1000 user, ASAP Vampire Standalone user, future MOS user
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