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    Well, its sad to see any Amiga dealer in such a situation (that is my judgement).
    AmigaKit is a worldwide dealer, but then again, there are reasons why we love
    our local/regional dealers.

    Hope situation will resolve once they get to produce more Cyruses.

    As I describe above, I judge its OS4/Linux situation as similar to my x1000/Southern Island card,
    and that is ... worth of waith for software to develop first.

    Same goes for MorphOS port, I have no doubts it will support more out of box
    (proper SATA and Ethernet driver and they would beat Steven Sollie) but we dont
    have a definite MOS release too.

    At the other hand, Amiga hardware availiability was always limited so I cant decide for you.
    I hope Cyrus can get to a better production and more stable machine.
    I like it seems some of "x1000 lessons" have been learned (easier to update BIOS, UBoot not CFE,
    some nice boot menus, availiable and faster CPU).

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