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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > amigaonthelake.com has plenty of stock in-house at the moment

    "We have made a decision, concerning both A-EON and AmigaKit. The decision we made is grounded in our experience during the last 8 months in regards to both companies. As a result we have made the choice to no longer support A-EON or AmigaKit in any way, shape or form. We are still here and "may" be carrying more stuff soon. However no more X5000 or A1222 or, frankly anything produced from either company."

    Sad day, but hope AAH entity will learn not to de-prioritize resellers or whatever happened
    as part of "8 month voyage".

    I dont see what they could do currently, but offer Vampires once
    they get a bit more mass produced.

    Failed chance is x5000+MorphOS on sale in US. Amiga On The Lake
    had quite nice ways of presenting it and aiding both end users and developers.
    Small retailers tend to have "more love".

    Once MOS for x5000 is done, Amedia could offer it
    France was always nice MOS market
    x1000 user, ASAP Vampire Standalone user, future MOS user
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