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    Jim wrote:
    Then again, its a future collectors item, so...

    That was part of my thinking regarding my purchase of the X1000, but I was also incorrect in thinking that the X1000 would possibly/probably be the last PPC AmigaOne computer ever designed and manufactured (when I was first thinking about my X1000 purchase. Things changed by the time I actually took delivery of my X1000, and Trevor had informed me about the future X5000 plans, even suggesting to me that I wait, and get the X5000 instead). The X1000 still has the distinction of being the only (to my knowledge) desktop computer produced for sale to the general public which uses the infamous PA6T CPU, which is not outstanding in its performance when compared to much older G4 and G5 CPUs, but it is a fairly low power usage PPC CPU, and has a few nice features. The X1000 was just about a decade or so too late in being manufactured, to make it interesting to anyone else in the computer world.
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