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    >>> Leaman Computing Ltd. ("AmigaKit") is not A-Eon Technology Ltd.

    >> "In order to bundle forces, A-EON Technology considers acquiring AmigaKit."
    >> http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=http://www.amiga-news.de/de/news/AN-2017-01-00060-DE.html

    > you [...] liked to claim they were 2 completely unrelated companies ;-)

    Your recollection is flawed. As even your quote shows, what I've been claiming is that Leaman Computing Ltd. ("AmigaKit") and A-Eon Technology Ltd. are two separate companies, which is still true as far as I know and will remain true until one has acquired the other. As to relatedness of the companies, I've never grown tired of making clear that Matthew Leaman is the sole managing director of both companies, and that he is also the main shareholder (50%) of A-Eon and the sole owner of AmigaKit.
    The concept that two companies owned and/or directed by the same person(s) doesn't mean they're not separate companies shouldn't be unknown to you.

    Btw, as recently as 5 days ago Leaman has incorporated a new company called "Amiga Technology Ltd". He is listed as the owner and sole managing director:


    Maybe this is supposed to be the new company merging A-Eon and Leaman Computing?
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