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    I've never disagreed with either of you two on that point, and the fact is WE are apparently moving to X64.

    When and how long it will take to complete is anyone's guess, but that journey has started, so we are one up on the competition.

    And we have, or will have, systems that represent about the best that we can get with this ISA.
    Two things I'd still like to see happen, the T2080 laptop and a port of MorphOS to PCIe PowerMac G5s.

    One thing I see NO point in what so ever is Tabor. Why would I want to invest any money in that much of a downgrade?

    And yes, the cpu in the X5000 isn't anything but a lateral move, at least in terms of power. Its really the other elements of the e5500 and e6500 cored cpus Soc that drive my interest. PCIe, higher bandwidth memory, (somewhat) faster SATA, etc.

    As to video decoding, if we aren't going to adopt gpu assisted decoding (which would vary somewhat with each gpu), there are decoding ICs available for both PCI and PCIe applications that drivers could be written for.

    I just don't see the point in using 70-100% of our available cpu power on one task.
    Not when the demands on a Linux, Windows, or MacOS system are so much lower.
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