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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:

    > AltiVec [is] only a small group of routines

    Yes, but definitely of significant advantage for tasks like video decoding.

    IIRC MPlaywer with Altivec gains about 15% speed over the non Altivec version.

    Btw.: A shame the 864x Pegasos" didn't made it: Not the major bottle neck of existing G4 systems (slow bus), but with low wattage and optionally with two cores. An 8610 (single core, 1.3GHz, NEC "redtail" (IIRC) board) was even shown to decode FullHD. Chance missed and gone many years ago. And since these chances are long gone I massively advocate since a couple of years the ISA switch to x64. PPC is dead, I cried some tears for it, but eventually you need to look forward then. MorphOS on i7 or Ryzen.. stop it, i am wetting my pants!

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