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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> it does sound like a potential application for ASMP, IF we have to
    >> keep discussing cpu driven decoding (which IS damned primitive).

    > the discussion here was about CPU performance, and whether the CPU
    > was up for a task like this, or not.

    I guess Jim's mention of ASMP refers to involving the 2nd CPU core.

    Thanks Andreas, at least you got that idea.
    As to the P5020 being SO much worse than the G4, I really don't think that is the case, or I wouldn't be planning on buying one.
    It has a clock speed advantage, and from the dmips figures posted should perform fairly well.
    As to AltiVec, that's only a small group of routines, and the cpu still has a standard fpu.
    Its definitely a better performer than the PA6T, and with the P5040's four cores it has the potential (via SMP or ASMP) of outperforming a G4 laptop by about 300%.

    Further, the X5000 supports MODERN gpus. The best that will ever plug into an AGP G5 is a Radeon 3850 or 4650/70 (IF Bigfoot continues to support AGP variants of PCIe cards).

    I'd like to see us one day have support for AMD GCN gpus.

    And we need PCIe if we are going to support USB3 eventually, as PCI doesn't have the needed bandwidth.

    Now, IF we could get support for the later PCIe G5s (like the Quad 2.5 GHz)...
    Eh, I keep one around, just in case, but I'm not placing bets on that.

    But we WILL have support for the X5000, and that DOES have advantages over our current hardware.

    And, btw, I don't like the idea of wasting a huge part of my cpu power on video decoding when it could be done in alternative ways (even with a G5).
    We ought to be able to display these streams on G4s.
    Not being able to do so on processors that run as fast as 1.67 GHz doesn't make sense when, if these tasks were offloaded, the cpu would still have plenty of power to spare.
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