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    Jim wrote:

    I'd hate to find out that the X5000 can't do something a G5 can.

    What do you mean "find out"?!? This has been a known fact for how long now, a year? Two? Since its specs were first announced?

    The X1000, X5000 and year 2005 Powerbook G4's are all in the same performance realm, roughly speaking. And that means about 720p x.264 streams (depending on clip/encoding). Back at the time, many were surprised by the poor performance of the PA6T compared to G4. In several benchmarks, the G4 won, despite the clock difference. But at least the PA6T had Altivec, like the G4. The only reason to why the X5000 cope with the other two, despite not having Altivec (which really helps applications like these) is probably because the higher clock frequency compensates the lack of it. But still, it's only 2GHz. The G5 however goes to 2.7GHz *and* it has Altivec. You see? On G5's, 1080p x.264 streams play at 2.3GHz I think I recall. At 2.5GHz for sure.

    How is it possible that soeone like you, who posts so much about the splendidness of the X5000 all the time everywhere you go, didn't know about the X5000/G5 situation? It's not exactly news, you know? Do you ever listen to what others say?


    Although, it does sound like a potential application for ASMP, IF we have to keep discussing cpu driven decoding (which IS damned primitive).

    Sure, you could send the undecoded binary stream to a GPU and let it decode and show the film, or maybe to an Apple TV via AirPlay and hav it do exactly the same thing. Then you could say "Look, my X5000 can play 1080p streams." :lol: But the discussion here was about CPU performance, and whether the CPU was up for a task like this, or not. It turned out it wasn't. But G5's are! :-)
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