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    Jim wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Can the X5000 (single core) decode and display 1080p x.264 streams in CPU/SW?

    "The second case is FullHD movies. Practically it's impossible to play them without loss of FPS. [...] it's a little bit funny that we can't play FullHD videos."

    That may be an issue limited to OS4.
    Who knows?

    Only to a certain degree. The CPU lacks the grunt power, there is no way around that. The X1000 moved in 2005 G4 Powerbook realms concerning performance, and the G4 even won several benchmarks, that's well established. And the X5000 turned out to be a sideway move from the X1000 rather than a forward move.

    So the above comment makes sense and is perfectly understandable.


    Edit - Actually, after thinking about it, this will be problematic.
    We simply shouldn't be decoding these streams with only the cpu.

    That's a different question altogether. The issue here wasn't how movie streams are potentially decoded the best way, but whether the CPU is powerful enough to do it.

    This reminds me of the late Commodore days and thereafter, where the rest of the world (who already moved to powerful HW) began using mp3's and stuff. The Amiga was hopelessly behind. It lacked grunt power. But some enthusiasts persisted: "Untrue! The Amiga can of course also play mp3's! All you need is a HW decoder!" :lol:

    Maybe *this* is the true "Amiga Curse"? The constant lack of powerful HW?

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