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    I think there are very few benchmarks that will show the X1000 to be faster than the X5000, but I do like the fact that the PA6T has Altivec support, and I will probably stick with my X1000 after I have more time to consider the pros and cons of each computer. The only reason I am even considering a X5000, is because of the future MorphOS support. I know that it makes no sense for the MorphOS Dev. Team to support the X1000, and I would not ask them to waste time that could be better used to complete the new x64 version of MorphOS, but that does not stop me from wishing that MorphOS could run on my X1000.

    Who knows, maybe with enough influence from A-Eon, AmigaOS4.x will eventually become more bearable to use (but I have no faith in Hyperion completing AmigaOS4.2 as advertised).

    So far Freescale has more MIPS per Mhz + 20% higher clock (since PA Semi is built for 2GHz why cant we overclock it too) so its about +20% faster and 30% cheaper. Ideal, if one could sell Nemo board for its near price and buy Cyrus, but that doesnt work that way since used Nemo prices will drop.

    Nemo is more expandable board with Altivec, shame PA Semi is so weak CPU and cannot be upgraded.

    On MorphOS issue, having more PCI-E enabled platforms (SAM, x5000, last G5s) is needed for RadeonHD transition.

    I would support x1000 support in MorphOS as I feel no need for x5000 until 040 model and Libre Office at least (and multicore AOS and MOS).

    Shame is x1000 CFE bugs, no W3D for cards that were sold as system and no Ethernet driver are left behind. As well as that we have prepaid OS 4.2 too.

    I feel like x1000 was big experiment to iron things for next release - that is x5000.
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