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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > I'm guessing that AmigaOS4.1FE would be easier to get running on a virtual machine
    > [...], instead of the other way around, starting the X5000 with AmigaOS4.1FE and then
    > running a virtual machine to startup MorphOS3.10

    Why do you think this would be easier than the other way round?

    Because, as I stated in the original post with this question, it would most likely be done by programmers who are not part of the MorphOS Dev. Team, and Hyperion Entertainment, and MorphOS is currently tied to hardware, while AmigaOS4.1FE is not tied to a specific machine, though it is tied to a specific model of machines. I guess I should have clarified that statement by saying the full versions of both, and not the time limited version of MorphOS.

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