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    redrumloa wrote:
    If PCIe Quad G5 are faster and a better value for the money, why not :-) I don't see what kind of hardware someone uses MorphOS on helping the morphOS Team one way or the other :-)

    The only way buying a MorphOS license for an X5000 helps the MorphOS Dev. Team, is that it makes them feel a little better about their decision to port MorphOS to such an expensive computer. If the team decides to later support the Quad Core G5 PowerMac, it will be even more energy inefficient, using 4 cores to run a single core capable OS, on a computer that uses so much energy to run those 4 G5 CPU's. At least the X5000 is more energy efficient. That and the ability to use newer PCIe video cards are the strongest selling points for the X5000.

    I'm happy to see that my X1000 is not drastically slower than the X5000, but the appeal of using one computer to run both AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS3.10 does make me consider selling my X1000 so I can buy an X5000.

    I think I will still wait until Hyperion releases a version of AmigaOS4.x that implements some kind of multiple CPU/Core support, and also wait for the quad core X5000 to be released for sale, so there is no hurry to sell my X1000, as it may take another 10+ years before Hyperion finally releases AmigaOS4.2 with multi-core support of some kind. Actually, I have my doubts that Hyperion will ever release AmigaOS4.2 that actually has all the features promised for that version. Even with all the assistance that A-Eon has provided, trying to inject some new life into the AmigaOS4.x community, Hyperion continues to provide zero evidence of improving their ability to produce updates at a reasonable pace.
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