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    On the subject of benchmarks. Sysmon now include socres for an X5000 + R7 250X in the benchmarks section.

    Scores for Ragemen.


    The CPU speed of the X5000 is nearly are third faster.

    The X5000 has faster caches, especially L2 but gets oblitrated by the X1000 when it comes reading and writing to memory, apart frrom the "tricky write", whatever that actually means.

    Reading from VRAM is over 3 times faster on the X1000 but when writing the X5000 is over 3 times faster. I understand that faster writes to VRAM are what matters and when Amigakit posted the Cow3D results the X5000 put everythiing else to shame.

    Scores for SDL Bench.


    My X1000 has an R9 280 vs the R7 250X in the reference X5000 setup.

    X5000 wins in most tests althought the X1000 streaks ahead in the hardware rectfil test at 320X240. Not sure why this is.
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