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    rob wrote:

    The customers who will buy it just want to run OS4, MorphOS or both. All they want is a machine that runs those OSs and their applications well. It is powerful enough to run both sufficiently well and for some that's the only qualifier they need.

    And a PPC mac would qualify just fine for this. It has worked very well for MorphOS. The X5000 offers nothing new when it comes to performance. Sure, it will be available as new (but also meaning that it's untried and unproven), it doesn't need as much cooling as a G5, and you could plug in newer gfx cards (for whatever good that may be). So at the same 2005 level performance, are those differences *really* worth 10x-20x the cost? And where are the laptops? And the minis? Or maybe the right question is: Where is the x86?


    All production runs of SAM440, SAM460 and the X1000 sold out despite the high price. Clearly the price to performance ratio is not as important to some as it is to you when it comes to indulging their Amiga hobby.

    The OS4 machine models that has been produced are each counted in the hundreds, tops. Made in sporadic batches, over almost one and a half decade. Most of the time there hasn't been anything available at all, and when it has, it has either been out of financial reach for most, or so underperforming it's hardly usable. Now there are hardly any people left. I wouldn't call this a particularly successful strategy.
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