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    Can the X5000 (single core) decode and display 1080p x.264 streams in CPU/SW?

    Looking through your 2016-glasses, you should have seen that this is irrelevant today. Can any phone, tablet or low end X64 system decode video without the task being handled by dedicated hardware?

    I believe so, yes.


    Both OS4 and MorphOS run on systems that give access to dedicated video decoding hardware and should be moving in that direction too, regardless of how important raw CPU speed may or may not be.

    I remember HW addons for the A1200 that made it possible to play mp3's. While that is cool, it doesn't mean the A1200 was particular powerful or even suitable in a modern multimedia context.

    I wasn't necessarily talking about video decoding either, but about the fact that the X5000 comes as a price tag of a premium 2016 workstation, but despite that we will probably see upcoming discussions saying "...but browsing those complex web 2.0 websites should become faster once JS JIT is properly implemented".

    PPC's in the shape of used Mac HW is easy to "forgive". Like: "OK, it's not very powerful, but hey, at €100 it's still cool and fun for what it is". The X5000 will perform about the same as those 2005 Mac's (or slightly less) we use for MorphOS, but with a price tag resembling 2016 Mac Pro's.

    The customers who will buy it just want to run OS4, MorphOS or both. All they want is a machine that runs those OSs and their applications well. It is powerful enough to run both sufficiently well and for some that's the only qualifier they need.

    All production runs of SAM440, SAM460 and the X1000 sold out despite the high price. Clearly the price to performance ratio is not as important to some as it is to you when it comes to indulging their Amiga hobby.
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