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    rob wrote:

    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Can the X5000 (single core) decode and display 1080p x.264 streams in CPU/SW?

    Looking through your 2016-glasses, you should have seen that this is irrelevant today. Can any phone, tablet or low end X64 system decode video without the task being handled by dedicated hardware?

    Both OS4 and MorphOS run on systems that give access to dedicated video decoding hardware and should be moving in that direction too, regardless of how important raw CPU speed may or may not be.

    Of course the hardware you mentioned could do that, it doesn't because that would unnecessarily waste cpu power.
    Our own hardware could assist in decoding as well, but no one has tackled that task yet.
    And our more powerful systems can decode video pretty well on cpu power alone.

    Can the X5000 decode 1080p video?
    I guess we will have to see.
    A G5 can, so it seems likely.
    GPU assisted decoding would definitely help though.
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