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    I thought the Terons cost several thousand in single quantities from MAI but it was a long time ago so I could be wrong. I don't think Terrasoft ever actually sold any. The BIOS wouldn't have been anymore difficult to pirate than a CD anyhow and user were able to download updates a reflash it themselves. If it was for Anti Piracy purposes it was pretty impotent.

    That was one of the major forum sh**-fights back in the day. The "OS4 Partners" claimed Terons were several thousand each, but individuals called MAI directly and found out otherwise. Even I called them at one point and verified this. I was considering adding unbranded Terons to my webshop at one point as a lark, but ultimately decided it would be a waste of money. I forget if they were $399 or $499 each directly from MAI, but it was substantially lower than the branded AmigaOne.

    The Terons probably couldn't have been made to boot OS4 because of firmware, or at least I couldn't with my knowledge.

    I wasn't previously aware of that. The price I paid for my G4 board was just over £500 so it would have been about $800, so yes, around double. Jack Tramiel charged double for the PET in the UK too.

    Even the AmigaONE branded boards needed a firmware update to install the pre-release so it wouldn't have been a big deal to flash a Teron so it could boot OS4.
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