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    eliyahu wrote:
    hyperion aren't doing the firmware.

    No? Interesting, very interesting. If HYPE is not involved, I see serious flaws in Kenny's theory. It would make no sense for A-Eonkit to not want to sell as much hardware as they possibly can. While potential MorphOS buyers aren't a huge number, neither are potential OS4 buyers.

    I can't get on board with Kenny's theory then. I doubt he'd completely make something up, but unless his sources come forward with something substantial. it just doesn't add up.

    Do we know specifically is doing the firmware? AFAIK the AmigaOne name is licensed from HYPErion these days, right? Watching the Amiwest stream briefly with Tekmage(?) trying to do a game demo he kept crashing the X5000. Each crash and reboot gave what appeared to be an X5000 bootpic from the firmware.

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