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    eliyahu wrote:

    redrumloa wrote:

    If Hyperion are doing the firmware for the X5000, what's to say they don't create "features" that break MorphOS or at least making porting more difficult?

    hyperion aren't doing the firmware. and A-EON are just as supportive to the MOS developers are they are to the AOS4 developers.

    -- eliyahu

    Yes, like I said, if A-eon/Varisys were to enlist anyone to help them with the firmware I would think it would be Acube.

    Any paranoia over Hyperion is probably misplaced.
    For all his bluster, Ben Hermans has never attempted to act against the use of MorphOS.
    And I don't think we really challenge their market.
    After all, the fanatics are always going to insist on the name and 'the real' product.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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