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    eliyahu wrote:
    you guys can relax. there is no such restriction. and by the way, the idea that A-EON would ever do anything remotely like that is nonsense on stilts. their interest is selling hardware. they want any and every platform possible running on it.

    (pure speculation below)

    I'm sure A-Eonkit would indeed want to sell every last board they possibly can. Chances are though that HYPErion are the ones writing the firmware. The original Teron boards were re-flashed with custom HYPErion firmware to make them "AmigaOne" boards. This firmware supposed included anti-piracy features so Teron boards without the boing sticker markup couldn't run OS4. They did this because Teron evaluation boards could be purchased for almost 50% less than an AmigaOne branded board.

    If HYPErion are doing the firmware for the X5000, what's to say they don't create "features" that break MorphOS or at least making porting more difficult?

    (speculation mode off)
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