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    KennyR wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> What's the repeating cycle in MorphOS supporting the X5000?

    > One side refusing to address showstopping minor changes or bugs, and the other side
    > accusing them of doing it on purpose. Or, one side really doing it on purpose.

    Regarding MorphOS on X5000, I see nobody refusing to do anything and nobody accusing anybody of anything (except you, that is). Can you be more specific?

    I think the official morphos team should be your source of reliable information. The rumours I've heard shouldn't be considered authoritative, and the only reason I insist in annoying Jim with them is because I fear another fallout between sides that'll catch users in the middle. It's scary that people are running into purchase without even waiting for official support.

    My suspicion is it's something to do with firmware. But that's totally a guess, based on my memories of similar things happening when Linux kernel hackers asked for source for the A1 firmware or help to find bugs. They got neither. It didn't stop Linux running on A1, but...

    I appreciate the consideration Kenny, and I can be pretty abrasive (as both Andre and Trevor Dickenson would tell you), but I've been in contact with Trevor fairly recently, he knows what I want to use the system for.
    I don't think he'd encourage me to buy something I couldn't use.

    But I do know the history of what your referring to (or think I do, as probably does Andreas).
    I assume your referring to the controversy over PowerUP vs WarpUp/WarpOS.

    The entities involved in that are long gone, and I'd hope that that part of their legacy hasn't been retained by those who carry on development.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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