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    So, people have figured out that there is no practical reason why MorphOS wouldn't run on X5000, it clearly does. There isn't a legal leg to stand on not running MorphOS on X5000, as even in 2016 you can still run anything you want on a computer. Or, wait, can you? I have a theory. Let's see how it pans out.

    Please note that MorphOS was publicly demonstrated running on an A-Eon X5000 at the Amiga 30 event in Neuss, Germany. Where do you think the developers got the required development hardware from more than a year before retail deliveries finally started?

    Nobody is denying that MorphOS *runs* on the X5000. Whether or not it runs optimally or requires invalidation of warranty, is another matter. And if it does not, there will be no official release of MorphOS.

    How could you possibly have to void the warranty by in order to run MorphOS on the X5000?
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