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    This post was edited by a moderator.

    Reason for editing: A 120+ word comment filled with personal insults towards another forum member is completely unacceptable. The F-word, which was later edited by the author himself, was nowhere near being as offending as any of the other content. (ASiegel)

    The "f-word" was never used.
    If Andre wants to pretend that it was, that's his concern (since the only time I have ever used that word in relation to this forum was in a direct PM to Andre himself).

    But as far as the other content, I stand by it.

    Clearly the poster has under the impression that he has secret information no one else has, and that would appear to be delusional.

    So, why doesn't he put up or shut up?

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    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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