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    I don't think it's worth debating, as the chances of MorphOS running on X5000 are practically nil, so nobody's going to be buying that stuff and not using it.

    Just say a little bird told me.

    Hmm... If there is truth to that statement then the MorphOS Team should issue a statement quickly, so people like Jim aren't suckered into buying an X5000 or Cyrus board early which will not see a MorphOS release.

    Old truth in MorphOS land: Don't buy dedicated hardware until MorphOS for it is actually released!

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    I purchased the first system I ran MorphOS on, an QuickSilver PowerMac, months before support was introduced for it.
    I purchased my first G5 under similar conditions.
    MorphOS support for the X5000 has been announced.
    When have our developers EVER promised something they didn't deliver?
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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