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    Jim wrote:
    My vitriol about the Florida legal system?
    Just that your political leaders totally suck.

    Baker Act is an old law from 1971 that is rarely invoked. The term is used down here in a sarcastic manner the same as calling something "crazy" or "insane", not typically used in a clinically medical sense. My mistake was forgetting it was a regional term that wouldn't necessarily be widely known. I guess that's why you took it as a negative shot, when it was meant more as humor.

    I don't care what people do with their money, even if I don't necessarily understand it myself. I have no problem spending $300 on something like a Turbo Chameleon for my C64, or $50+ for a new boxed game for my C64 when i can afford it. People outside the C64 community might call that lunacy for spending such money on a 34 year old computer.


    And the price @ AmiWest?
    Show special, with only two in stock, direct from the manufacturer.

    Right, but it is the only example we've seen yet for a Cyrus board apparently without any sort of bundle. Unless we get other examples, this is what we have to go on.

    The "OS4 Tax" concern is not new, it has been part of the discussion since MorphOS was announced for the Cyrus. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't completely shut the door on the concept of buying one to replace my G5. *IF* full MorphOS support arrives and *IF* it is proven to be significantly faster than my 2.7Ghz G5, I leave open the slight possibility I might be tempted to buy one. I would not be willing to pay an OS4 Tax though.
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