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    KennyR wrote:

    redrumloa wrote:
    What is fanatical about not wanting to pay for something you'd never use? We are talking about $1,600 for a MB and CPU that performs on the level of PC from about a 10 years ago. Anyone outside of our Kommunity would look at someone paying that price and would think that person should be Baker Act'ed. If I ever decided I wanted a Cyrus board for MorphOS, I'd want it a cheap as humanly possible and that would mean no software bundle that would collect dust. That $1,350 Amiwest price looks a lot better than this $1,600 price.

    It's not the price alone that matters, but also the level of support. The OS4 crowd have always been quick to point out the price of Apple and indeed Commodore hardware when challenged. While these were expensive, you would be sure in both cases you'd get a complete OS and enter a world where there was plenty of software to meet your needs, whether it be games or productivity or just freeware.

    What made the X1000 such a massive rip wasn't just the price, it was its unfinished support and the attitude that you should just suck it down for the greater good, i.e. TEH AMIGA. You could buy some cheap Android device and find out its Chinese ARM fork doesn't run the apps you want, or has a buggy Android install that can't be upgraded, or find out its hardware acceleration won't run Netflix. You lost £30. Not £3000. Or, in this case, £1400.

    Will OS4 support the X5000 properly? Doubtful. Will you get anything but an ancient, buggy PPC Linux on it? Not so likely. Would the MorphOS developers, assuming they support it at all, do more than lipservice to the handful of people who would run it on one? Fat chance. Will you get your browser to play YouTube videos? Not with *that* CPU.

    I've been spoofing other browsers to play youtube videos for years now, without a problem.
    Your "not with *that* cpu" comment is simply wrong.
    And as far as "massive rip", you don't have to pay for an A-eon system, they don't seem to be having a problem selling them.
    Further, the Linux support seems better than what I am getting from the Linux community for my G5 Powermac.

    I have ARM devices, they have, do, and will really suck.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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